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Baby Shampoo Effective Against Coronavirus?!

Hey everyone,

Have you seen this latest report from Healio Primary Care which showed that when simulated in a lab, Johnson and Johnson 1% baby shampoo in a sinus rinse kills up to 99.9% of coronavirus-like viruses? How cool is that! Check out the article here.

The investigation was small, wasn’t replicated to kill the actual coronavirus-19 virus, and wasn’t studied in actual real-life noses, but even so, we sometimes tell our chronic sinusitis sufferers to rinse their nose with a nasal saline rinse containing a few drops of baby shampoo. It’s safe, easy, and a wonderful surfactant, which means it helps clear the nasal mucosa.

I think today we’re all looking to be Covid-conscious, but I’m interested in seeing if this data gets any traction. Let’s hope it does.

Stay tuned,


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