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Belinda's VivAer Story in Holland, Michigan

Happy Friday everyone,

This week I took care of Belinda who had the VivAer Procedure completed with our office about 6-weeks ago. When she presented for her first post operative visit with me, here is what she said about having the procedure done...

"Due to allergies, VivAer didn't completely relief my nasal congestion, but it did make breathing easier on a daily basis. Worth it."

This is a great example of how the VivAer Procedure can relieve nasal congestion very quickly, even if you don't get 100% relief. We know the procedure doesn't treat allergies, deviated nasal septums, or remove nasal masses, but it can give you better nasal breathing - an quickly!

See you soon


VivAer West Michigan

Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists

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